50 comes along you’re a little more immune to the pressures the world

Sandra Schell Geiss 222 50 airbnb canada home medora north dakota oregon oregon coast

When 50 comes along you’re a little more immune to the pressures the world puts on you – who you should be, what you should look like… It’s experiences that become more important than anything else, and you become acutely aware of time, life’s most valuable commodity. I like staying in different homes through Airbnb when traveling. I enjoy the different atmospheres, home styles, secluded or right downtown, roof-top or by the ocean along the Oregon coast. I have been traveling a lot more. Sometimes it is only 2 hours away in Medora North Dakota or 2 hours away from Canada.
After being cooped up for part of the winter, it sucked, it was cold, sometimes -50 or -60 below. So, I went on Airbnb, looked for homes no more then 10 hours away. I chose this home because of the 222 address. It was perfect and peaceful with large pipe wind chimes which had a calming affect throughout the house. I spent most of my time writing and a bit of shopping.
My favorite thing was sitting in what I called the man cave. It was nice and simple, nice TV and sound system. Great for watching movies at night.
It was a comfortable and memorable stay, and I enjoyed it. The clock is ticking. It’s that simple really. You only get one shot at this whole life thing so you might as well make it count.
Experiences are what you’ll take to your final days, and they do shape you

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