Pineapple Tropical Makeup Bag
Pineapple Tropical Makeup Bag
Pineapple Tropical Makeup Bag

Pineapple Tropical Makeup Bag

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Pineapple Tropical Makeup Bag

Art meets the most versatile of our accessories. Whether your tools of the trade are scissors, makeup, rulers, or camera gear, our makeup bags are perfect for keeping your essentials in one place ready for action. Denim lined with an inner pocket, our makeup bags feature vibrant colourfast prints on durable poly canvas.

Makeup Bag


  • Denim Lined

    Indigo demin lining provides a soft structure for your carry-all.

  • Vibrant printed canvas

    100% polyester textured canvas shell withstands everyday use while looking great.

  • Metal Zipper

  • Vegan Leather Pull Tab

  • Side pull tab gives you extra grip on your carry-all.


    Made to order (This product is hand cut and sewn in the US at the time of order.)

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