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SilverSchells is an international jewelry designer that has made jewelry for Celebrities, TV Shows and award shows such as, CMT, MTV Music Awards and the Golden Globes.

SilverSchells is also a published author for SRN.net and SimpleReminders.com, a human potential thought leader, and has done public speaking engagements to share her story.

SilverSchells has been following her dreams and found her voice and the courage to speak out against sexual violence by creating artisan jewelry. These are timeless designs with unique romantic, soulful accents inspired by nature.

A big component of SilverSchells accessories is to make them conversations starters by creating trendy, intricately designed jewelry, clothing and items with inscribed artwork aimed at raising awareness. Whether you are looking for a personal statement piece or a distinctive gift idea, you won’t be disappointed.

""I am sincerely thankful I have the ability to express my creativity and inspire others through my art to live a life of purpose, to live authentic life and that gives my life meaning and fulfills my purpose." - SilverSchells

After surviving a turbulent childhood, SilverSchells shares her inspiring story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse in order to motivate survivors to be warriors for change in their lives.

SilverSchells also wants to help create awareness for her cause. She believes believes art can awaken the creativity or beauty inside us all. Art can cause us to stop, if even for a moment to have and emotional experience and awaken our hearts.

SilverSchells found healing in catching her dreams with great passion, and unleashed her creativity and built a life she loved.

SilverSchells is a powerful model of strength, courage and resilience. She is dedicated to speaking out and sharing her story so no other child suffers like she did.

Your Story. Your Journey. It Matters.

"When I am creating a piece of jewelry or accessory, I actually think about the person I am creating for. Thinking about where it is going. Thinking about where it may be worn. You are not just a dollar sign to me… you are a model…you are a display piece for my art. And that just makes my heart smile! So thank you for letting me create for you!!" - SilverSchells

My mission: Find your voice…and inspire others to do likewise. Everyone Has a Story the World Needs to Hear.

" she found magic not in chasing after her dreams, but catching her dreams. So she embraced her dreams with great passion and unleashed her creativity and built a life she loved " SilverSchells

Causes We Support - children sexual abuse, domestic violence, sex trafficking, Unlawful tactics CPS uses to take our children.
7% of our sales go to help these causes.