Tassel Tropical Long Beaded Necklace
Tassel Tropical Long Beaded Necklace

Tassel Tropical Long Beaded Necklace

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Tassel Tropical Long Beaded Necklace

Tassel jewelry is trending hard among the fashion crowd.
Tassels are here to stay—and sway. ... The Trend We Can't Get Enough Of.

Our romantic boho chic necklaces were made while we spent 3 months in Bali, Indonesia. I collaborated with Rudy, a jewelry maker from Bali. We came up with these beautiful tassel necklaces. These are timeless designs with unique romantic, soulful accents inspired by nature.

I was personally taught while in Bali that the tassel represents the roots of the lotus plant. -- a plant that has great significance, the flower is related to rebirth, goddess of prosperity, beauty, spirituality, and eternity.
Its roots are nourished in muddy water, the lotus flower arises and blossoms, pure scented and pleasing to the mind.
This symbolizes the journey from the darkness to a wise and spiritually enlightened person.

Necklace is 32in long, tassels with pom pom adds another 4in.
Full rich tassel color Coral Turquoise Bright Orange

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